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The following roster names all the people we have record of.    The roster is alphabetical by unit and alphabetical by name within each unit.  Since some of our men were assigned to more than one unit you may find it helpful to search for an individual alphabetically.  Just click on the appropriate button above. If you desire the Full Roster which includes a mailing address and telephone number you will need to contact the Association Office.  Your request must include your name and membership number.  

The last column on the right is the status column.  The OK means that the information is current.  The NA means that we have lost contact with the individual as a result of mail being returned.  The information was current at one time but  individuals have either passed away or were unable to notify us of a change in their status.  If you know of the status of any of these individuals please contact me at

Updated  04/02/14.

There are 1605 names on this roster. 

Unit Last First E-Mail Status
12th Tank Co      Ondola              George               OK  
12th Tank Co      Williams            Donald L                                            OK  
147th Med Det     Hubert              Lloyd                                               OK  
200th Eng         Aaland              Curtis                                              OK  
200th Eng         Arndt               Ronald E                                            OK  
200th Eng         Bagley              Marvin                                              OK  
200th Eng         Bahr                Francis J                                           OK  
200th Eng         Ball                Ray                                                 NA  
200th Eng         Borgen              Odean                                               OK  
200th Eng         Brady               Edwin L                                             OK  
200th Eng         Brown               Ardell W                                            OK  
200th Eng         Burris              Fred                                                OK  
200th Eng         Carroll             Lavern L                                            NA  
200th Eng         Christoff           Nic                OK  
200th Eng         Clemans             Ray                                                 OK  
200th Eng         Cook                Fred W                                              na  
200th Eng         Crofutt             Wayne                                               OK  
200th Eng         Crook               Jack                                                OK  
200th Eng         Currier             Joseph P                                            OK  
200th Eng         Dittmer             Elmer                                               OK  
200th Eng         Dornbush            James                                               OK  
200th Eng         Dornbush            Louis W                                             na  
200th Eng         Engel               Bernard L                                           OK  
200th Eng         Englert             Dale                                                NA  
200th Eng         Foster              Robert S                                            OK  
200th Eng         Fries               Vernon E                                            OK  
200th Eng         Gunderson           Robert                                              OK  
200th Eng         Hall                Leland                                              OK  
200th Eng         Harris              Dale R                                              OK  
200th Eng         Hazeltine           John C                                              OK  
200th Eng         Heesch              Lyle                                                OK  
200th Eng         Henrickson          Elma                                                OK  
200th Eng         Herrmann            Carl B                                              NA  
200th Eng         Hollsowell          Bernard                                             OK  
200th Eng         Irving              Wayne M                                             OK  
200th Eng         Jones               Robert L                                            OK  
200th Eng         Kautzsch            Herbert H                                           NA  
200th Eng         Kempkes             Neville                   OK  
200th Eng         Kendall             Ramsey                                              OK  
200th Eng         Kingsley            Quentin S                                           OK  
200th Eng         Larsen              Howard                                              OK  
200th Eng         Lee                 Hanford                OK  
200th Eng         Leonard             Jess                                                OK  
200th Eng         Linder              John M                                              OK  
200th Eng         Mattson             Gene                                                OK  
200th Eng         McNaughton          Frank                                               OK  
200th Eng         Miller              Jack                                                OK  
200th Eng         Miller              James F                                             OK  
200th Eng         Moell               Frank               OK  
200th Eng         Moore               Bill G                                              na  
200th Eng         Patty               James T                                             OK  
200th Eng         Plouzek             Norman                                              OK  
200th Eng         Rohm                Eldon V                                             OK  
200th Eng         Rose                Cecil                                               OK  
200th Eng         Sanchez             Joe G                                               OK  
200th Eng         Schlessman          Howard                                              OK  
200th Eng         Schoenhoft          Robert B                                            OK  
200th Eng         Schuman             Bernard                                             OK  
200th Eng         Scransted           Leroy                                               OK  
200th Eng         Severtson           Ronald                                              OK  
200th Eng         Skarda              Clarence                                            OK  
200th Eng         Skinner             Doyle                                               OK  
200th Eng         Skramstad           Leroy                                               OK  
200th Eng         Steward             Charles                                             OK  
200th Eng         Stillmock           Walter M                                            OK  
200th Eng         Stillson            Robert L                                            na  
200th Eng         Teigland            Glen                                                OK  
200th Eng         Torres              Luciano A                                           OK  
200th Eng         Tresise             Donald E                                            OK  
200th Eng         Tucker              Arthur R                                            OK  
200th Eng         Turner              George                                              OK  
200th Eng         Turner              Edward                                              NA  
200th Eng         Turner              Donald J                                            OK  
200th Eng         Tvedt               Wallace                                             OK  
200th Eng         Vajgrt              Lumir A                                             OK  
200th Eng         Varns               Orville                                             OK  
200th Eng         Ward                Clifford                                            OK  
200th Eng         Weise               Albert J                     OK  
200th Eng         Wentling            Dale                                                OK  
200th Eng         Wobig               Clifford B                                          OK  
200th Eng         Woodruff            Kenneth M                                           OK  
200th Eng         Zier                Kenneth E                 OK  
43rd Band         Becker              Ronald L                                            OK  
43rd Band         Bridge              John W                                              OK  
43rd Band         Clyne               Eric                                                OK  
43rd Band         Coleman             Robert L                                            OK  
43rd Band         Dappen              Robert N                                            OK  
43rd Band         Dorothy             Richard F                                           OK  
43rd Band         Drew                Harry G                                             OK  
43rd Band         Dudley              Melvin L                                            OK  
43rd Band         Engel               Eldon L                                             OK  
43rd Band         Forbes              Vernon J                                            OK  
43rd Band         Haggard             William E                                           OK  
43rd Band         Hatling             Jerry                                               NA  
43rd Band         Johns               Daniel E                                            NA  
43rd Band         Kendle              Earl R                                              OK  
43rd Band         Kraus               Richard J                                           OK  
43rd Band         Krenk               Leonard                                             OK  
43rd Band         Lofgren             Gordon E                                            OK  
43rd Band         Monteith            Phillip E                                           OK  
43rd Band         Phelps              Coleman C                                           OK  
43rd Band         Reid                Richard C                                           OK  
43rd Band         Renberg             Richard A                                           OK  
43rd Band         Schmer              Arthur C                                            OK  
43rd Band         Splichal            Bill                                                OK  
43rd Band         Stack               Donald E                                            OK  
43rd Band         Stanfield           William                                             OK  
43rd Band         Wassung, Jr         Kent J                                              OK  
43rd Band         Wiemers             Claude B                                            na  
95th Tank Co      Ramos               George                OK  
A Btry            Anderson            Albert J                                            OK  
A Btry            Baldwin             Robert  L.                                          OK  
A Btry            Brown               Harold E                                            NA  
A Btry            Duimstra            John                                                NA  
A Btry            Edrich              Robert F                                            OK  
A Btry            Farnham             Ethan R                                             OK  
A Btry            Geiken              Dennis                                              OK  
A Btry            Graff               Reginald E                                          OK  
A Btry            Hall                Ervis H                                             OK  
A Btry            Hammer              Alfred T                                            OK  
A Btry            Hasker              George M                                            OK  
A Btry            Hawkins             James E                                             OK  
A Btry            Julson              Clayton T                                           OK  
A Btry            Knott               Charles                                             NA  
A Btry            Knudson             Roger L                                             NA  
A Btry            Kroon               Henry R                                             OK  
A Btry            Lemme               Don E                                               OK  
A Btry            McCabe              Howard                                              OK  
A Btry            Montis              James E                                             OK  
A Btry            Morkve              Raymond                                             OK  
A Btry            Muchow              Ray H                                               OK  
A Btry            Mussey              Carl A                                              na  
A Btry            Mustakas            George M                                            na  
A Btry            Oskiera             Stanley                                             OK  
A Btry            Parrott             J. L.                                               OK  
A Btry            Riden               Larry E                                             OK  
A Btry            Robinett            William T                                           OK  
A Btry            Shoemaker           Larry D                                             na  
A Btry            Shrader             Jim                 OK  
A Btry            Steffe              Dean H              OK  
A Btry            Stich               Jack L                                              OK  
A Btry            Taylor              Donald L                                            OK  
A Btry            Van Hofwegen        Dick                                                OK  
A Co              Albert              Norvin                                              OK  
A Co              Andre               Carl                                                na  
A Co              Applegate           Robert                                              OK  
A Co              Baker               John R                 OK  
A Co              Barkdoll            Richard R                                           OK  
A Co              Barnes              Forest W                                            OK  
A Co              Brown               Richard E                                           na  
A Co              Calvert             Stewart M                 OK  
A Co              Charbonneau         Joseph H                 OK  
A Co              Dailey              John E                                              OK  
A Co              Delfs               Marion                                              OK  
A Co              Duncan              Edwin                                               OK  
A Co              Dwyer               William E                                           na  
A Co              Ehrman              Eugene F                                            OK  
A Co              Ehrman              Vincent G                                           OK  
A Co              Farley              Charles A                                           OK  
A Co              Festi               Ralph J                                             OK  
A Co              Findley             Lester G                                            na  
A Co              Foltz               Loren                                               OK  
A Co              Foster              Donald E                                            na  
A Co              Friedlein           Donald L                  OK  
A Co              Gallagher           Charles                                             OK  
A Co              Gerber              Wayne E                                             OK  
A Co              Greer               Glenn E                                             na  
A Co              Hanson              Kenneth                                             OK  
A Co              Hanson              Dr Kenneth J                                        OK  
A Co              Harper              Robert                                              OK  
A Co              Hemingsen           Stanley D                                           OK  
A Co              Herbisen            Donald H                                            OK  
A Co              Hill                Alton                                               OK  
A Co              Houser              Gerald                                              OK  
A Co              Huber               Arthur B                                            OK  
A Co              Johnson             Paul M                                              OK  
A Co              Jubb                Donald                                              OK  
A Co              Kirchhoff           Delbert                                             OK  
A Co              Long                Ronald L                                            OK  
A Co              Lovell              Ernest                                              OK  
A Co              Mikolajczyk         Richard                                             OK  
A Co              Mullin              Walter A                                            OK  
A Co              Navarro             Robert                                              OK  
A Co              Neverman            Duane A                                             na  
A Co              Newman              Charles A                                           OK  
A Co              Nystrom             Robert                                              OK  
A Co              Pasch               Albert J                                            OK  
A Co              Paterson            Floyd                                               OK  
A Co              Pinnick             Donald P                                            OK  
A Co              Potter              Douglas D                                           OK  
A Co              Retz                Francis W                OK  
A Co              Roosa               Robert                                              OK  
A Co              Rose                Raymond L                                           OK  
A Co              Schaeffer           Arnold L               OK  
A Co              Seelye              Irving L                                            OK  
A Co              Shadbolt            Arden                                               OK  
A Co              Shoemaker           Gerald                                              OK  
A Co              Shoun               Bobby L            OK  
A Co              Simkins             Carroll K                                           OK  
A Co              Sund                Howard E                                            OK  
A Co              Talbot              John L                                              OK  
A Co              Tibken              Gerald L                                            OK  
A Co              Vawser              Robert                                              OK  
A Co              Viecelli            Richard L                                           OK  
A Co              Villarreal          Eugenio                                             OK  
A Co              Vorderstrasse       Herbert F                                           na  
A Co              Walters             Carl L                                              OK  
A Co              Welch               Dale G                                              OK  
A Co              Whittlesey          James A                                             OK  
A Co              Wirth               Frederick                                           OK  
B Btry            Allen               Robert K                                            OK  
B Btry            Bonrud              Vertis A                                            na  
B Btry            Bonrud              Robert D                                            OK  
B Btry            Call                James D            na  
B btry            Campbell            Robert                                              OK  
B Btry            Collins             Robert L                                            OK  
B Btry            Darby               William J                                           OK  
B Btry            Dibben              Warren F                                            OK  
B Btry            Earley              Ronald J          OK  
B Btry            Frankowiak          Richard E                                           OK  
B Btry            Gilbert Jr          Alton F                                             OK  
B Btry            Haiges              John J                                              OK  
B Btry            Hedstrom            Charles                                             OK  
B Btry            Hoch                Earl R                                              OK  
B Btry            Horton              Ralph E                                             OK  
B Btry            Ilse                Gerald                                              na  
B Btry            Ilse                Donald H                                            OK  
B Btry            Johnson             Charles J                                           OK  
B Btry            Kroeger             Emil                                                OK  
B Btry            Kroeger             James K                                             OK  
B Btry            Krueger             Emil                                                OK  
B Btry            Landi               Louis P                                             OK  
B Btry            Lang                Francis A                                           na  
B Btry            Mattson             George                                              NA  
B Btry            Neprud              Elwood                                              OK  
B Btry            Osborn              George M           OK  
B Btry            Pearce              Ronald E                                            OK  
B Btry            Perry               Carl E                                              OK  
B Btry            Peterson            Donald                                              OK  
B Btry            Porter              Donald F             OK  
B Btry            Price               John B                                              OK  
B Btry            Simpson             James E                                             NA  
B Btry            Snowden             Mike                                                OK  
B Btry            Stouten             Leon                                                OK  
B Btry            Syrek               Thomas J                                            na  
B Btry            Thoreson            Dwayne G                                            OK  
B Btry            Thorson             Vernon G                                            OK  
B Btry            Torgerson           Dale                                                na  
B Btry            Weske               William I                                           na  
B Btry            West                Wallace A                                           OK  
B Btry            Wilson              Wallace A                                           OK  
B Btry            Zimmer              Donald J                                            OK  
B Btry            Zwinglburg          John C                                              OK  
B Co              Bantjes             John                       OK  
B Co              Barr                Bruce S                                             OK  
B Co              Busscher            Howard                                              OK  
B Co              Cannon              H.J.                                                OK  
B Co              Carlson             Virgil K                                            na  
B Co              Chester             William T                                           OK  
B Co              Davel               John R                                              OK  
B Co              Debebant            Vincent                                             OK  
B Co              Deter               Charles                     OK  
B Co              Eschmann            John                                                OK  
B Co              Fegel               Glen                                                OK  
B Co              Foote               Raymond                                             OK  
B Co              Fryer               Eldon D                                             OK  
B Co              Fuerst              Lyle E                                              OK  
B Co              Gabbard             James                                               OK  
B Co              Gilligan            John F                                              OK  
B Co              Griego              Orlando                                             na  
B Co              Haines              John F                                              na  
B Co              Hanna               Darold  E                                           OK  
B Co              Hicks               Ellis                                               OK  
B Co              Irving              William E                                           OK  
B Co              Johnson             Dale                                                OK  
B Co              Koepp               Don                                                 OK  
B Co              Kurtenback          Robert  E                                           OK  
B Co              Lang                James C                                             OK  
B Co              Lobel               Samuel                                              OK  
B Co              Lovsness            Reed O                                              OK  
B Co              Lunde               Kieth                                               OK  
B Co              Martens             George H                                            NA  
B Co              Massey              Charles                                             na  
B Co              McCombs             Rex J                                               OK  
B Co              Meyer               Duane H            OK  
B Co              Miller              Zane F                                              na  
B Co              Mueller             Edward J                                            OK  
B Co              Odaffer             Elmo                                                OK  
B Co              Priebe              Brenard                                             OK  
B Co              Pruess              Robert                                              OK  
B Co              Ridings             Ernest E               na  
B Co              Rothlisberger       Orland A                                            OK  
B Co              Rude                Lyle W                                              OK  
B Co              Sauer               James M                                             OK  
B Co              Schmitt             George J                                            OK  
B Co              Schulz              Edward A                                            OK  
B Co              Sexton              Myron D                                             OK  
B Co              Skorupa             Donald                                              OK  
B Co              Skubic              Louis D                                             OK  
B Co              Slater              Clifford                                            OK  
B Co              Sorenson            Luverne E                                           NA  
B Co              Sprenger            John                                                OK  
B Co              Spronk              Arthur                       OK  
B Co              Strand              Kenneth                                             OK  
B Co              Summers             Charles                                             OK  
B Co              Swenson             Lyle W                                              na  
B Co              Thomas              Myron P                                             NA  
B Co              Tippery             Gerald H                                            OK  
B Co              Tischler            Jack                                                OK  
B Co              Tomasheck           Arnold E                                            OK  
B Co              Ulch                Norman                                              OK  
B Co              Uptagrafft          Wayne                         OK  
B Co              Vander Wal          Fred                                                OK  
B Co              Vickroy             Carl                                                OK  
B Co              Walz                Kenneth L                                           OK  
B Co              Wenger              Paul C                                              OK  
B Co              Williams            Malcolm D                                           OK  
C Btry            Abraham             Orville K               OK  
C Btry            Betts               David K                                             OK  
C Btry            Bianco              James A                                             OK  
C Btry            Bowlin              John G                  OK  
C Btry            Brinkman            Robert H                                            NA  
C Btry            DeMaagd             Forrest J                                           OK  
C Btry            Engwal              Charles I                                           NA  
C Btry            Fiek                Dale F                                              OK  
C Btry            Forsmoe             Milo W                                              OK  
C Btry            Fostvedt            C. L. Louie                                         OK  
C Btry            Granese             Ernest D                                            OK  
C Btry            Greenwood           Richard M                                           OK  
C Btry            Gresh               Lawrence                                            na  
C Btry            Griffith            Gene A                                              na  
C Btry            Heibult             Calvin E                                            OK  
C Btry            Henderson           Ronald W                                            OK  
C Btry            Hoover              Kenneth L                                           OK  
C Btry            Houser              Raymond C                                           OK  
C Btry            Hughes              John J                                              OK  
C Btry            Hughes              Hurbert                                             OK  
C Btry            Jonas               Dr Eugene R.                                        OK  
C Btry            Josten              Clarence A                                          OK  
C Btry            Kadinger            Eugene R                                            OK  
C Btry            Kappen              Franklin T                                          OK  
C Btry            Kerner              Elmer R                                             NA  
C Btry            Kidd                Alvin L                                             OK  
C Btry            Krenselewski        Anthony M                OK  
C Btry            Kuper               Alvin D                                             OK  
C Btry            Lawrence            Willie                                              OK  
C Btry            Leao                Eugene C                                            OK  
C Btry            LeFever             Charles N                                           OK  
C Btry            Leshak              Metro                                               OK  
C Btry            Lester              Keith T                                             OK  
C Btry            Littlejohn          Max                      OK  
C Btry            Lobel               Samuel J                                            OK  
C Btry            McVay               Glen A                  OK  
C Btry            Melikant            William F                                           OK  
C Btry            Morris              Roger                                               OK  
C Btry            Nelson              Darrell P                                           OK  
C Btry            Neumann             Sylvester                                           OK  
C Btry            Oberliesen          James F                                             OK  
C Btry            Olson               Harold  M                                           OK  
C Btry            Pastore             Edward A                                            OK  
C Btry            Rackowski           Richard S                                           OK  
C Btry            Schoennagel         Edward F                                            OK  
C Btry            Scott               Perry  B                                            OK  
C Btry            Smith               Joseph A                                            OK  
C Btry            Torney              Gaylord                                             NA  
C Btry            Veenis              Hermon                                              OK  
C Btry            Walsh               Francis X           OK  
C Btry            Weinstein           Edward L                                            OK  
C Btry            Wentzel             Franklin L                                          NA  
C Btry            White               Joseph E                                            OK  
C Btry            Wilverding          Daniel J                                            OK  
C Btry            Wissinger           Russell B                                           OK  
C Btry            Wolfe               LaVerne J                                           na  
C Btry            Wright              Orlow                                               OK  
C Btry            Wysocki             Edward R                                            OK  
C Co              Acton               Robert                                              na  
C Co              Armstrong           Earl                                                OK  
C Co              Bakken              Joseph                                              OK  
C Co              Bartling            Harvey A                                            OK  
C Co              Beals               Keith E                 OK  
C Co              Bean                Harold E                                            OK  
C Co              Berger              Wayne G            OK  
C Co              Bishop              Howell C                                            OK  
C Co              Bley                Gordon W                                            OK  
C Co              Bokshon             Robert J                                            OK  
C Co              Bowditch            John "Harry"                                        OK  
C Co              Bowman              Ray                                                 OK  
C Co              Brudvig             Donald W                 OK  
C Co              Christensen         Ronald E                                            OK  
C Co              Clark               Donald J            OK  
C Co              Cowman              Dale H                     OK  
C Co              Crume               Bradley  B                                          OK  
C Co              Daniel              Earl J                   OK  
C Co              Decker              Justin P                                            OK  
C Co              Douglas             Earl M                                              OK  
C Co              Fekete              Everet J                                            OK  
C Co              Fink                Richard D                                           OK  
C Co              Flood               Frederick F                                         OK  
C Co              Frick               Gerald                                              OK  
C Co              Frick               Duane                                               OK  
C Co              Garvey              Joseph A                                            OK  
C Co              Goodburn            Lee D              OK  
C Co              Haas                Gerald                                              OK  
C Co              Hammel              Allen L                                             OK  
C Co              Hanetho             Richard                                             OK  
C Co              Harris              William R                                           OK  
C Co              Hennerberg          Alvin                                               OK  
C Co              Hicks               Clifford H                                          OK  
C Co              Hulme               Paul A                                              OK  
C Co              Jelinek             Howard F                                            OK  
C Co              Kelley              Donald E                                            OK  
C Co              Krapp               Clarence L                                          OK  
C Co              Lanctot             Edward J                                            OK  
C Co              Lefler              James                    OK  
C Co              McDonnell           Patrick                                             na  
C Co              McInturf            Dalton                                              OK  
C Co              Morvig              Helmer  B                                           OK  
C Co              Mutchler            James E                                             OK  
C Co              Nelson              Gene R                                              OK  
C Co              Novotny             Fred S                     OK  
C Co              Obr                 DuWayne                        OK  
C Co              Pacatte             Marvin N                                            OK  
C Co              Peiper              Al                                                  OK  
C Co              Petersen            Melvin T                                            OK  
C Co              Petersen, Jr        Henry                                               OK  
C Co              Peterson            Charles D                                           OK  
C Co              Petrowsky           Henry  O                                            OK  
C Co              Pfefferle           Donald L                                            OK  
C Co              Regan               James                                               OK  
C Co              Rheiner             Robert H                                            OK  
C Co              Rognlin             Wayne W                 OK  
C Co              Rose                Raymond M                                           OK  
C Co              Snesrud             Dwight D                                            OK  
C Co              Sparks              Robert R                   na  
C Co              Tielke              James C               OK  
C Co              Walls               Albert W                                            OK  
C Co              Wilcoxon            Hugh I                                              na  
C Co              Woodward            Harry E                                             OK  
C Co              Zell                Donald L                                            OK  
C Co              Zimin Sr            Carvel                                              OK  
D Co              Amundson            Bert                                                OK  
D Co              Anderson            Verne D                                             OK  
D Co              Anglin              Leonard                                             OK  
D Co              Asklund             Orrin I                                             OK  
D Co              Balge               William J                                           OK  
D Co              Bjoraker            Roy W                                               OK  
D Co              Boros               John J                                              OK  
D Co              Brandenbu           William                                             NA  
D Co              Brusell             Wilbur                                              NA  
D Co              Bueltel             August J                                            na  
D Co              Christlieb          Donald D                                            na  
D Co              Christopherson      Kenneth C                                           OK  
D Co              Eastling            William                                             OK  
D Co              Edmon               Ellsworsth                                          OK  
D Co              Emmons              Glenn R                                             na  
D Co              Endres              Richard W                                           OK  
D Co              Farasyn             Larry                                               OK  
D Co              Ferris              Elbert                                              OK  
D Co              Feterl              Robert A                                            OK  
D Co              Glesing             Richard                                             OK  
D Co              Gobell              Kenneth                                             na  
D Co              Gobell              Russel D                                            OK  
D Co              Goebel              Dean R                                              OK  
D Co              Goodpaster          Larry J                                             OK  
D Co              Gosnell             Allan                                               na  
D Co              Gosnell             Richard B             OK  
D Co              Grausam             Urban H                                             OK  
D Co              Gregg               Donald B                                            OK  
D Co              Guck                Alvin A                   OK  
D Co              Gumbusky            Paul L                                              OK  
D Co              Hallum              Roger                                               OK  
D Co              Hanrahan            Donald L               OK  
D Co              Harding             Homer                                               OK  
D Co              Hauss               Harold D                                            OK  
D Co              Huhn                Cletus                                              OK  
D Co              Jacobson            LeRoy                                               OK  
D Co              Jesser              Joe                                                 OK  
D Co              Johnson             Russell L                                           OK  
D Co              Jorgensen           Douglas H                                           NA  
D Co              Karnowski           Malcom                                              OK  
D Co              Kinzler             Chester R                                           OK  
D Co              Kistner             William                                             OK  
D Co              Kryger              Marion                                              OK  
D Co              Lane                Rodney                                              OK  
D Co              Larson              Verdell B                                           OK  
D Co              Lee                 Kenneth L                                           OK  
D Co              Luderus             Dewey                                               OK  
D Co              Marquardt           M Gordon              OK  
D Co              Maschmann           Dale C                                              OK  
D Co              Mastricola          Dominic                                             OK  
D Co              Millage             Leo                                                 OK  
D Co              Noppe               Louis J                                             OK  
D Co              Odom                Charles H                                           OK  
D Co              Olson               Merlin L                                            na  
D Co              Patent              Glen J                                              na  
D Co              Pearson             Duane E                                             OK  
D Co              Radosevich          Frank T                                             OK  
D Co              Swanson             Verne E                                             OK  
D Co              Terrell             Gern                                                OK  
D Co              Thompson Jr         William C                                           OK  
D Co              Tryon               Alfred E                                            OK  
D Co              Wahlig              John G                                              OK  
D Co              Weckwerth           Lewis E                                             OK  
D Co              Weins               Robert W                                            OK  
D Co              Wertman             Eugene                                              OK  
E Co              Alexander           Walter           OK  
E Co              Andorf              Gerald E                                            na  
E Co              Armantrout          Jerald                                              OK  
E Co              Armantrout          Frank                                               OK  
E Co              Armstrong           Donald E                                            OK  
E Co              Bayer               Albert                                              OK  
E Co              Bean                Ronald E                                            OK  
E Co              Bertnick            William                                             OK  
E Co              Borgesen            Paul                                                OK  
E Co              Bundy               James E                                             OK  
E Co              Burton              Leo                  na  
E Co              Cortis              Athan (Tom) N                                       OK  
E Co              Czape               John                                                OK  
E Co              Davis               Robert R               na  
E Co              Deibert             James                    na  
E Co              Dirocco             Frank M                                             OK  
E Co              Dolen               James O                                             OK  
E Co              Feldman             Katy                                                OK  
E Co              Fisk                Eugene                                              OK  
E Co              Gordon              Alvin  F.                                           OK  
E Co              Harcup              Herbert                                             OK  
E Co              Harmon              Karroll E                                           OK  
E Co              Hicks               Richard L                                           OK  
E Co              Hines               Robert L                                            OK  
E Co              Holford             Herman                                              OK  
E Co              Houlihan            John                                                OK  
E Co              Jungck              Gerald F                                            na  
E Co              Keller              Donald E                                            OK  
E Co              Kemp                Milton W                                            OK  
E Co              Krauthamer          Nathan                                              OK  
E Co              Kunick              Richard D                                           OK  
E Co              Kurutz              Stanley F                                           OK  
E Co              Leslie              Donald                                              na  
E Co              Lingor              Paul                                                OK  
E Co              Lux                 Harold E                                            OK  
E Co              Mac                 John                                                na  
E Co              Manfredo            Bill                                                OK  
E Co              McCracken           Gerald                                              OK  
E Co              Moorhead            James                                               OK  
E Co              Nelson              Halvor H                                            OK  
E Co              Newman              James O                                             OK  
E Co              Outlaw              Gary               OK  
E Co              Pritchar            Dale A                                              OK  
E Co              Pritchard           Dale                                                na  
E Co              Randall             Calvin                                              OK  
E Co              Ries                Wesley                       OK  
E Co              Rothenberg          Ernest                                              OK  
E Co              Sacharoff           Howard                NA  
E Co              Sandmeier           Elmer                                               OK  
E Co              Schaefers           Harold                                              OK  
E Co              Shavil              George                 OK  
E Co              Skoubye             Clarence M                                          OK  
E Co              Smothermon          Granville                                           OK  
E Co              Trever              Melvin R                                            OK  
E Co              Wagner              Norman E                                            OK  
E Co              Webb                Robert G                 OK  
E Co              Yaggie              Walter J                                            OK  
F Co              Aiuto               Russel                                              OK  
F Co              Alcorn              Alvin                                               na  
F Co              Aman                Rollie G                                            OK  
F Co              Ayers               Wayne                                               OK  
F Co              Barrow              Robert E                  na  
F Co              Bastian             Elwyn                                               OK  
F Co              Bernhagen           George E                  OK  
F Co              Burgio              Charles                                             OK  
F Co              Cady                David                                               OK  
F Co              Czape               Frederick J                                         OK  
F Co              Demaagd             Herb                                                OK  
F Co              Didion              Robert                    OK  
F Co              Ducheneaux          George                                              OK  
F Co              Dykstra             Len                                                 OK  
F Co              Evans               Douglas                  na  
F Co              Evenson             Richard                                             OK  
F Co              Funk                Curtis                                              na  
F Co              Goodwin             James A                                             OK  
F Co              Haefner             Arthur E                                            na  
F Co              Hayward             Bill                                                na  
F Co              Hollenbeck          Lawrence                                            OK  
F Co              Holliday            Jerry P                                             OK  
F Co              Homrich             Robert                                              OK  
F Co              Hoolsema            Robert J                                            OK  
F Co              Hoxsie              Reuben S                                            OK  
F Co              Keller              Orvel J                                             na  
F Co              Kramer              Rudolph                                             OK  
F Co              Krein               Oliver A                                            OK  
F Co              Krein               Benjamin                                            OK  
F Co              Kruse               Carl                                                OK  
F Co              Lane                Robert D                                            na  
F Co              Lang                Douglas A                                           OK  
F Co              Lindsey             Horace                                              na  
F Co              Paccagnella         Sam (Sal)                                           OK  
F Co              Pelloni             James                                               OK  
F Co              Phillips            Cyrus                                               na  
F Co              Pooley              Milo                                                OK  
F Co              Preston             Ronald                                              OK  
F Co              Preston             Randy                                               OK  
F Co              Price               Eugene                                              OK  
F Co              Randall             Preston                                             OK  
F Co              Rinehart            James                                               NA  
F Co              Ryan                Eugene                                              OK  
F Co              Salyer              Harold J                   OK  
F Co              Schaaf              Albert                                              OK  
F Co              Short               Roger M                                             OK  
F Co              Silberhorn          A. J.                                               OK  
F Co              Simon               Francis E                                           OK  
F Co              Sphor               Gladwin A                                           OK  
F Co              Spitzley            Philip J                                            OK  
F Co              Tennant             Mac E                                               OK  
F Co              Thies               Burton H                                            OK  
F Co              Wallin              Marvin N                                            OK  
F Co              Williams            Ira G                                               OK  
F Co              Willison            Donald                                              na  
G Co              Adams               Billy  C                                            OK  
G Co              Alstrom             Keith D                                             OK  
G Co              Baird               John P                  OK  
G Co              Beard               Warren                                              OK  
G Co              Bettridge           John W                                              OK  
G Co              Blohowiak           Donald H                                            OK  
G Co              Boub                Jerry                                               NA  
G Co              Boub                Richard "Skip"               OK  
G Co              Brown               Robert G                                            OK  
G Co              Carr                Clinton T                                           OK  
G Co              Caswell             David E                                             na  
G Co              Claussen            Walter                                              OK  
G Co              Correia             Francis                                             OK  
G Co              Day                 Duane                                               OK  
G Co              Dosch               Edward (Bill)              OK  
G Co              Drew                James C                 OK  
G Co              Eilers              Laverne C                                           OK  
G Co              Fink                Stanley E                                           OK  
G Co              Fitzgerald          Vince T                                             OK  
G Co              Forsyth             Harry L              OK  
G Co              Godes               Reinhard A                                          OK  
G Co              Gonzales            Nicolas                                             OK  
G Co              Greene              Ralph                                               na  
G Co              Grenz               Archie L                                            OK  
G Co              Greschuk            Donald J                                            OK  
G Co              Gruenwald           Ignatius                                            OK  
G Co              Hanson              Bud                                                 OK  
G Co              Hardie              Arthur D                                            OK  
G Co              Harford             Wayne E                                             OK  
G Co              Hart                Orville N                                           OK  
G Co              Hirtzel             Richard G                                           OK  
G Co              Ichinaga            Fred                                                OK  
G Co              Kinsel              Earl T                                              OK  
G Co              Ladd                Orville E                                           OK  
G Co              Loreg               Melvin D                                            na  
G Co              Lunneordelly        Benjamin                                            OK  
G Co              Lunney              Ben                                                 OK  
G Co              Lunstrum            Wesley C                  OK  
G Co              Mackie              David W                                             OK  
G Co              Marlette            John W                 OK  
G Co              Marlette            Marvin                                              OK  
G Co              Martin              Lewis J                                             OK  
G Co              McEwen              Robert M                                            na  
G Co              Modereger           Don G                                               na  
G Co              Mullenberg          Douglas                                             OK  
G Co              Neuman              Willis J                                            OK  
G Co              Newman              Willie                                              OK  
G Co              Olson               Harold                                              OK  
G Co              Pudwill             Wilbur                                              na  
G Co              Rickers             Vernon H                                            OK  
G Co              Robbins             Sherman                                             OK  
G Co              Roberts             Clifton                                             OK  
G Co              Rose                William R                                           OK  
G Co              Sanborn             Daniel J                                            OK  
G Co              Savo                Charles F                                           na  
G Co              Selakovich          Mark                                                OK  
G Co              Smith               Donald                                              OK  
G Co              Spilman             Wayne                                               OK  
G Co              Stephen             Harold E                                            OK  
G Co              Strutt              James C                                             OK  
G Co              Sutton              Jay                                                 OK  
G Co              Swenson             Donald E                                            na  
G Co              Tjelta              Harry                                               OK  
G Co              Van Vleet           Donald G                                            OK  
G Co              Waddington          Harold "Coe"                                        OK  
G Co              Weigel              Edward F                                            OK  
G Co              Weiss               Willard J                                           na  
G Co              Wentz               Charles G                                           OK  
G Co              Wuorinen            William V                                           OK  
H Co              Altabet             Albert                                              OK  
H Co              Benshoof            Lewis                                               OK  
H Co              Brugman             Duane                                               OK  
H Co              Buttery             William                   OK  
H Co              Christiansen        LeRoy         OK  
H Co              Cone                Earl                                                OK  
H Co              Cordell             Laverne                                             OK  
H Co              Dincher             Richard R                                           OK  
H Co              Dorman              Glen D                                              na  
H Co              Gergen              Jim              OK  
H Co              Gisselbeck          LaVern                                              OK  
H Co              Goodrich            Richard L                                           OK  
H Co              Greuling            Eugene                                              OK  
H Co              Hacker              Carl L                OK  
H Co              Haight              Richard P                                           OK  
H Co              Heaton              Vinton L                                            OK  
H Co              Herrmann            Erwin                                               na  
H Co              Junso               Milo                                                OK  
H Co              Kane                Donald E                                            OK  
H Co              Kornblau            Gerald                                              OK  
H Co              Lehna               Berandt E                                           OK  
H Co              Lenards             Edward W                                            na  
H Co              Light               David P                                             OK  
H Co              Little              Norman                                              NA  
H Co              Lundeen             Glenn                       OK  
H Co              Maliszewski         Donald                                              NA  
H Co              McCallie            Donald                 OK  
H Co              McKay               John                      OK  
H Co              Moeller             Marlin J                    OK  
H Co              Mori                Peter                                               OK  
H Co              Murotsune           Roy S                                               OK  
H Co              Nordquist           Dale                                                OK  
H Co              Parish              Arnold                                              NA  
H Co              Pate                Robert                                              OK  
H Co              Rodrigues           Albert                                              OK  
H Co              Rodrigues           Dan R                   OK  
H Co              Scharn              Donald C                 OK  
H Co              Shill               Lloyd W                  OK  
H Co              Spencer             Charles R                                           OK  
H Co              Spenst              David                                               NA  
H Co              Voettner            Ralph A                                             OK  
H Co              Wiegand             Carl G                                              OK  
H Co              Yocom               Albert L                                            OK  
Hq 147th          Aler                James L                                             OK  
Hq 147th          Anglin              Verlin L                                            OK  
Hq 147th          Bjerk               Orlo                      OK  
Hq 147th          Bohmer              Harry J                                             OK  
Hq 147th          Brokaw              Jarl B                                              na  
Hq 147th          Bunkers             Ray                                                 OK  
Hq 147th          Dodd                Howard L                                            OK  
Hq 147th          Fambrough           Franklin                                            OK  
Hq 147th          Faulds              John T                                              OK  
Hq 147th          Fetsko              Richard F                                           OK  
Hq 147th          Fien                Dominick                                            OK  
Hq 147th          Flanagen            William T                                           OK  
Hq 147th          Flowers             Jesse W                                             OK  
Hq 147th          Gabel               Dale D                                              OK  
Hq 147th          Grimm               Ralph E                                             OK  
Hq 147th          Grossman            Albert A                                            OK  
Hq 147th          Gunn                Joe                                                 OK  
Hq 147th          Gurican             Stephen L                    OK  
Hq 147th          Hepke               Charles                                             OK  
Hq 147th          Hill                William J                                           OK  
Hq 147th          Hoefert             Vern                                                OK  
Hq 147th          Jasper              Donald P                                            OK  
Hq 147th          Jobe                Filbert E                                           OK  
Hq 147th          Johnson             Julian "Jake"                                       OK  
Hq 147th          Keller              Joseph E                                            na  
Hq 147th          Kensinger           John L                                              OK  
Hq 147th          Kneebone            Merel (Nick) W                                      na  
Hq 147th          Lawson              Lester M                                            OK  
Hq 147th          Lienemann           Gene M                  OK  
Hq 147th          Maceiko             Stephen                                             OK  
Hq 147th          Mager               Joseph J                                            OK  
Hq 147th          Magro               Robert K                                            na  
Hq 147th          Maley               William P                                           NA  
Hq 147th          Mann                Dean                  OK  
Hq 147th          Matthies            Dwane C                                             OK  
Hq 147th          Maurich             John P                                              OK  
Hq 147th          McCosh              Earl              OK  
Hq 147th          McKnelly            Donald D                                            na  
Hq 147th          Meyers              Walter                                              na  
Hq 147th          Michael             Richard D              OK  
Hq 147th          Miller              Robert K                                            OK  
Hq 147th          Miller              Roy F                  OK  
Hq 147th          Monson              Charles D                                           na  
Hq 147th          Morin               Robert                                              OK  
Hq 147th          Morrison, Jr        Harold                 OK  
Hq 147th          Nystrom             Richard G                                           OK  
Hq 147th          Olson               Palmer T                                            na  
Hq 147th          Ragusa              Andrew C                                            OK  
Hq 147th          Severson            Lumir C                                             na  
Hq 147th          Skau                Vernon L                                            OK  
Hq 147th          Smith               Albert                                              OK  
Hq 147th          Smyers              James V                                             NA  
Hq 147th          Sorenson            Darrell D                                           na  
Hq 147th          Stearns             Montie                                              OK  
Hq 147th          Stene               John             OK  
Hq 147th          Terwilliger         Lawrence                                            NA  
Hq 147th          Wells               Edgar W                                             OK  
Hq 147th          Wilson              Ellwood                                             OK  
Hq 147th          Wright              Clyde D            OK  
Hq 147th          Wymore              Roger S                                             OK  
Hq 147th          Zuraff  Jr          George                                              OK  
Hq Co 1st         Adamson             Richard O                                           OK  
Hq Co 1st         Alstrom             Keith A                                             OK  
Hq Co 1st         Biebel              Roy                                                 OK  
Hq Co 1st         Blair               Herbert                                             NA  
Hq Co 1st         Boinski             Lawrence J                                          OK  
Hq Co 1st         Carey               Thomas J                                            OK  
Hq Co 1st         Crofter             James T                                             OK  
Hq Co 1st         Drew                George                                              OK  
Hq Co 1st         Ehlert              Milton F                                            OK  
Hq Co 1st         Ficek               Donald W                                            na  
Hq Co 1st         Fischer             Maynard E                                           na  
Hq Co 1st         Fortin              James J                                             OK  
Hq Co 1st         Fraley              Henry N                                             OK  
Hq Co 1st         Gappa               Eugene B                                            na  
Hq Co 1st         Hine                Howard N                                            OK  
Hq Co 1st         House               Eldon                                               OK  
Hq Co 1st         Jacobsen            Paul A                                              OK  
Hq Co 1st         Johnson             Nyle                                                OK  
Hq Co 1st         Kiser               James                                               OK  
Hq Co 1st         Klemz               Ralph A                                             OK  
Hq Co 1st         Landanger           Donald                                              OK  
Hq Co 1st         Leiferman           Dwayne                                              OK  
Hq Co 1st         Loudner             Don                                                 OK  
Hq Co 1st         Lucas               Harold J                                            na  
Hq Co 1st         Lunstrom            John E               OK  
Hq Co 1st         Mahrt               William E                                           na  
Hq Co 1st         Mastie              Raymond J                                           OK  
Hq Co 1st         Mauderer            Donald                                              OK  
Hq Co 1st         McGraw              James                                               OK  
Hq Co 1st         Miller              Willis D                                            OK  
Hq Co 1st         Miller              Ralph T           OK  
Hq Co 1st         Nicholson           Alan M                                              OK  
Hq Co 1st         Nielsen             Edward W                                            OK  
Hq Co 1st         Olson               James R                                             OK  
Hq Co 1st         Pierce              Wayne                                               OK  
Hq Co 1st         Pierson             Lyle                                                OK  
Hq Co 1st         Priebe              Lloyd W                                             OK  
Hq Co 1st         Pung                Martin A                                            OK  
Hq Co 1st         Rapp                Thomas R                                            OK  
Hq Co 1st         Rohrbauck           Veryl                                               NA  
Hq Co 1st         Rosenow             Thomas                                              OK  
Hq Co 1st         Rovinsky            Easer                                               OK  
Hq Co 1st         Schaefer            Francis V                                           OK  
Hq Co 1st         Schaenzer           Richard W                                           OK  
Hq Co 1st         Schuyler            Francis L                                           OK  
Hq Co 1st         Tacke               Robert                                              OK  
Hq Co 1st         Tasker              Donald E                                            OK  
Hq Co 1st         Thoenes             Ralph K                                             OK  
Hq Co 1st         Thomas              Lowell C                                            OK  
Hq Co 1st         Tomes               Elmer V                                             OK  
Hq Co 1st         Tracy               Eugene R                                            na  
Hq Co 1st         Verstegen           Eugene H                                            OK  
Hq Co 1st         Washechek           Dean E                                              OK  
Hq Co 1st         Weniger             Larry                                               na  
Hq Co 1st         West                Francis L                                           OK  
Hq Co 1st         Wolf                Richard W                                           OK  
Hq Co 2nd         Aldrich             Arthur G                                            OK  
Hq Co 2nd         Anderson            Alfred J                                            OK  
Hq Co 2nd         Bahe                George H                                            OK  
Hq Co 2nd         Bjordahl            Rolland L                                           OK  
Hq Co 2nd         Blackwood           William J                                           OK  
Hq Co 2nd         Brown               Dale L                                              OK  
Hq Co 2nd         Bulens              Donald                                              OK  
Hq Co 2nd         Bultman             Donald E                                            OK  
Hq Co 2nd         Callen              Joseph                                              OK  
Hq Co 2nd         Carpenter           Neil E                                              na  
Hq Co 2nd         Carpenter           Leon E            OK  
Hq Co 2nd         Cavanugh            Berdell A                                           OK  
Hq Co 2nd         Combs               James W                                             OK  
Hq Co 2nd         Coppock             Lawrence S                                          OK  
Hq Co 2nd         Coughlin            James P                                             OK  
Hq Co 2nd         Crassweller         Milton G                                            OK  
Hq Co 2nd         Croff               Donald J                                            na  
Hq Co 2nd         Damm                Emil                                                OK  
Hq Co 2nd         Ericson             Merrill V                                           NA  
Hq Co 2nd         Froloff             Peter A                                             OK  
Hq Co 2nd         Gustafson           Charles D                                           OK  
Hq Co 2nd         Harris              David                     OK  
Hq Co 2nd         Hazer               Lyle W                                              OK  
Hq Co 2nd         Hillestad           Robert W                                            OK  
Hq Co 2nd         Hoy                 Gerald K                                            OK  
Hq Co 2nd         King                Derold                                              OK  
Hq Co 2nd         Klinkel             Lester                                              OK  
Hq Co 2nd         Klinkel             Merle A                                             OK  
Hq Co 2nd         Kohlwey             William H                                           OK  
Hq Co 2nd         Kozlowski           Richard L                                           OK  
Hq Co 2nd         Krueger             Maurice                                             OK  
Hq Co 2nd         Manzi               Joseph J                                            OK  
Hq Co 2nd         Markham             Leon                    OK  
Hq Co 2nd         Mattson             Gene S                                              OK  
Hq Co 2nd         McCarthy            Leo                                                 OK  
Hq Co 2nd         McCurry             Bobby E                                             OK  
Hq Co 2nd         Mundhenke           August                                              OK  
Hq Co 2nd         Munger              Charles                   OK  
Hq Co 2nd         Mur                 Raymond M                                           OK  
Hq Co 2nd         Murley              Donald W                                            OK  
Hq Co 2nd         Noppert             Robert L                                            na  
Hq Co 2nd         Pedersen            Gerald R                                            OK  
Hq Co 2nd         Rundell             James A                  OK  
Hq Co 2nd         Sanders Sr          Carl J                                              OK  
Hq Co 2nd         Schwiesow           William A                                           OK  
Hq Co 2nd         Sheridan            Donald                                              OK  
Hq Co 2nd         Snyder              Dale S                                              OK  
Hq Co 2nd         Strande             Lonnie                                              OK  
Hq Co 2nd         Takeda              Jim                                                 na  
Hq Co 2nd         Thedorff            Clare E                                             OK  
Hq Co 2nd         Tsujita             Takshi                                              NA  
Hq Co 2nd         Twedt               Wayne A                                             OK  
Hq Co 3rd         Anthony             David E                                             OK  
Hq Co 3rd         Beights             Royce W                                             OK  
Hq Co 3rd         Brandly             Ronald                                              OK  
Hq Co 3rd         Firnekas            Jay                      OK  
Hq Co 3rd         Freemole            Frank E               OK  
Hq Co 3rd         Gaddy               James W                                             OK  
Hq Co 3rd         Harvey              H. E.                                               OK  
Hq Co 3rd         Hendrickson         Jay E                                               OK  
Hq Co 3rd         Hosea               Robert G                OK  
Hq Co 3rd         Lehman              Melvin R                                            OK  
Hq Co 3rd         Medford             Dwain T              OK  
Hq Co 3rd         Mills               William C                                           OK  
Hq Co 3rd         Mudge               James K                                             OK  
Hq Co 3rd         O'Neal              Glenn                                               OK  
Hq Co 3rd         Page                Rex                                                 OK  
Hq Co 3rd         Park                Billy D                                             OK  
Hq Co 3rd         Pearson             Kenneth H                                           OK  
Hq Co 3rd         Ramirez             Bernard J                                           OK  
Hq Co 3rd         Richards            James C           na  
Hq Co 3rd         Rieckman            Arnold                                              OK  
Hq Co 3rd         Roth                John A                      OK  
Hq Co 3rd         Saubers             Walter                                              OK  
Hq Co 3rd         Schumacker          Howard                                              OK  
Hq Co 3rd         Sopchik             Edward F                                            OK  
Hq Co 3rd         Spurlin             Roy J                                               OK  
Hq Co 3rd         Thompson            Sam                                                 OK  
Hq Co 3rd         Torney              Gyalord                                             OK  
Hq Co 3rd         Torres              Jose B                                              na  
Hq Co 3rd         Treadwell           Kenneth                                             OK  
Hq Co 3rd         Trotter             John F                                              OK  
Hq Co 3rd         Tubbs               Robert                                              OK  
Hq Co 3rd         Wells               Edgar                                               OK  
Hq Co 3rd         Wilhelm             Ronald                                              OK  
Hq Co 3rd         Zeitman             Phil                                                OK  
Hvy Mortar        Andrew              Donald E                                            na  
Hvy Mortar        Bailey              William                                             OK  
Hvy Mortar        Beito               Roger                  OK  
Hvy Mortar        Benson              Delno D              OK  
Hvy Mortar        Bovey               Glenn                                               OK  
Hvy Mortar        Bubak               Orville                                             OK  
Hvy Mortar        Bue                 Richard C                                           OK  
Hvy Mortar        Bue                 Harvey K                                            na  
Hvy Mortar        Buskuskie           Roger W                                             OK  
Hvy Mortar        Caldwell            Dennis                                              OK  
Hvy Mortar        Canfield            Merlyn O                                            OK  
Hvy Mortar        Casey               James                                               OK  
Hvy Mortar        Cassell             Charles V                                           OK  
Hvy Mortar        Coles               Alvin                                               OK  
Hvy Mortar        Connell             Robert J                                            OK  
Hvy Mortar        Cunningham          Peter J                                             OK  
Hvy Mortar        Deal                Donald J                                            OK  
Hvy Mortar        Dewall              Alvin B                                             OK  
Hvy Mortar        Downing             Mark D                                              OK  
Hvy Mortar        Dubak               Orville                                             OK  
Hvy Mortar        Eide                Andrew                                              OK  
Hvy Mortar        Evenson             Oscar V                                             na  
Hvy Mortar        Fonder              Eugene A                                            OK  
Hvy Mortar        Garvey              Harold R                                            OK  
Hvy Mortar        George              Gordon L                                            OK  
Hvy Mortar        Gripp               Robert M                                            na  
Hvy Mortar        Gutz                Arnold                                              OK  
Hvy Mortar        Hammer              L Delancy                                           OK  
Hvy Mortar        Hansen              Oscar                                               OK  
Hvy Mortar        Hanus               Donald                                              OK  
Hvy Mortar        Haugen              Warren                                              OK  
Hvy Mortar        Hazen               Royal                                               OK  
Hvy Mortar        Heilman             George L                                            na  
Hvy Mortar        Hudler              Harry                                               OK  
Hvy Mortar        Jerde               Alford                                              NA  
Hvy Mortar        Johnson             Paul N                                              OK  
Hvy Mortar        Kane                Bryan L                                             OK  
Hvy Mortar        Krone               Donald D                                            na  
Hvy Mortar        Krone               Lavern W                                            OK  
Hvy Mortar        Landmark            Merlyn O                                            OK  
Hvy Mortar        Leiseth             Robert                                              OK  
Hvy Mortar        Millington          Richard K                                           OK  
Hvy Mortar        Mulke               Gene                                                OK  
Hvy Mortar        Nelson              Merllyn L                                           OK  
Hvy Mortar        Olsen               Neal                                                OK  
Hvy Mortar        Plut                John L                                              OK  
Hvy Mortar        Ravellette          Samual A                                            OK  
Hvy Mortar        Rice                Robert L                                            OK  
Hvy Mortar        Ruther              Bernard                                             OK  
Hvy Mortar        Sandbakken          Sanford                                             OK  
Hvy Mortar        Schmaus             Bob                                                 OK  
Hvy Mortar        Schreibar           W. E.                                               OK  
Hvy Mortar        Smith               Floyd                                               OK  
Hvy Mortar        Snyder              Arlyn J                                             OK  
Hvy Mortar        Stephans            Francis C                                           OK  
Hvy Mortar        Syders              Jerry                                               na  
Hvy Mortar        Terraglio           Frank                                               OK  
Hvy Mortar        Thompson            Verneice M                                          OK  
Hvy Mortar        Thompson            Dean L                                              OK  
Hvy Mortar        Twite               Robert D                                            na  
Hvy Mortar        Warner              John                                                OK  
Hvy Mortar        Zellner             Robert J                                            OK  
Hvy Mortar        Ziegelemeyer        John J                                              na  
I Co              Anderson            Henry                                               OK  
I Co              Bagley              Kenneth L                                           OK  
I Co              Balbuena            Marcos E                                            OK  
I Co              Bateman             Robert E                                            OK  
I Co              Bertelsman          Eugene                                              OK  
I Co              Callahan            Francis J                                           OK  
I Co              Calvin              Dale E                                              OK  
I Co              Centofanti          Oreste                                              OK  
I Co              Clar                Gene D                                              OK  
I Co              Cox                 Curtis A                                            OK  
I Co              Diaz                Mario                                               NA  
I Co              Dickinson  Jr       Ralph S                                             NA  
I Co              Donaldson           John E                                              na  
I Co              Driver              Horace                                              OK  
I Co              Engle               Howard                                              NA  
I Co              Faught              Albert                                              OK  
I Co              Gauby               Lee A                                               OK  
I Co              Geisler             Martin J                                            OK  
I Co              Hardesty            Everett D                                           OK  
I Co              Hayes               Lyndell E                                           OK  
I Co              Heller              Franklin L                                          OK  
I Co              Hopkins             Ernest L                                            OK  
I Co              Hyland              Erwin J               OK  
I Co              Kappenman           Robert C                                            OK  
I Co              Knudsen             Russell L                                           na  
I Co              Krause              John                                                OK  
I Co              Kress               Edward J                                            na  
I Co              Kross               Clarence J                                          OK  
I Co              Lawrence            Clifford E                                          OK  
I Co              Leiker              Wilfred A             OK  
I Co              Marincell           James E                                             OK  
I Co              Martin              Paul                                                OK  
I Co              Martin              Bernard W                                           na  
I Co              Martinson           Robert                                              na  
I Co              McClellan           Wilson                       OK  
I Co              Milot               Richard A                                           NA  
I Co              Mosesso  Sr         Vincent N                                           OK  
I Co              Myers               James H                                             na  
I Co              Nieuwsma            Henry                                               OK  
I Co              Paganini            William A                                           na  
I Co              Parker              Eldon L                                             na  
I Co              Parrinella          Joseph                                              OK  
I Co              Patty               D. L.                                               OK  
I Co              Phalon              Philip A             OK  
I Co              Phelps              Richard A                                           OK  
I Co              Pinon               Rodolfo                                             OK  
I Co              Ramirez             Angel M                                             OK  
I Co              Rapazza             Richard A              OK  
I Co              Rasberry            Cecil W                                             OK  
I Co              Rodriguez           Joseph G                                            NA  
I Co              Schaaf              Robert C                                            OK  
I Co              Schlimmer           Elton F                                             OK  
I Co              Schnieder           Alan D                                              OK  
I Co              Schumacher          Dan                                                 OK  
I Co              Simpson             Richard R                                           OK  
I Co              Stearns             James W                                             OK  
I Co              Stratton            Robert L                                            OK  
I Co              Unzelman            Darwin E                                            OK  
I Co              Warns               Martin                                              OK  
I Co              Whitehorn           Donald F                                            OK  
I Co              Wiseman             Austin C                                            OK  
K Co              Albrecht            Gene F                                              OK  
K Co              Allen               Melvin R            OK  
K Co              Ames                Paul H                                              OK  
K Co              Amos                Frank E                                             OK  
K Co              Andreas             Porter W                                            OK  
K Co              Andrews             James                                               OK  
K Co              Arbocus             George                                              OK  
K Co              Armbrecht           Richard                                             OK  
K Co              Bader               Alfred  H                                           na  
K Co              Bailey              Kenneth                                             OK  
K Co              Baker               Robert H                                            OK  
K Co              Barnes              Bobby                   OK  
K Co              Barnes              Richard                                             OK  
K Co              Blackwell           Claude                                              OK  
K Co              Bocek               William J                                           OK  
K Co              Bond                U.S.                                                na  
K Co              Bonderow            Somon                                               OK  
K Co              Brownell            Peter L                                             OK  
K Co              Bunde               Ronald                                              OK  
K Co              Bye                 Richard E                                           OK  
K Co              Carmine             William                                             OK  
K Co              Cerkownuk           Nicholas                                            na  
K Co              Christensen         Marvin                  OK  
K Co              Cousineau           John J                                              OK  
K Co              Crager              James M                                             OK  
K Co              Crothers            Dale                                                NA  
K Co              Cunningham          David                                               OK  
K Co              Davison             Calvin                                              OK  
K Co              DeFrancisis         Geno S                                              OK  
K Co              DeGeest             Boyd D                                              OK  
K Co              Delvaux             James                                               OK  
K Co              Detoro              Ray                                                 OK  
K Co              Dinsmore            Glen L               OK  
K Co              East                Owen                                                OK  
K Co              Eilers              Robert A                                            na  
K Co              Flolo               John                    OK  
K Co              Furboter            Richard J                                           OK  
K Co              Gallagher           Paul J                                              na  
K Co              Gazzillo            Francis A                                           OK  
K Co              Gutzmer             Walter                                              OK  
K Co              Hammerer            John                                                OK  
K Co              Hanson              James L                   OK  
K Co              Hanson              Burlyn                                              OK  
K Co              Harders             Charles W                                           na  
K Co              Houtchens           Clifford                                            NA  
K Co              Hutchison           Charles D                                           OK  
K Co              Kauth               Richard                OK  
K Co              Keller              Walter W                                            OK  
K Co              Kill                John F                                              na  
K Co              Lapasnick           John J                                              OK  
K Co              Lemmon              Leonard                                             OK  
K Co              Lindell             Charles B                                           NA  
K Co              Lundberg            Gaylord                                             OK  
K Co              Lynch               William                                             NA  
K Co              Marone              Robert J                 OK  
K Co              Marovich            Nick                                                OK  
K Co              Marthaller          Elmer                                               OK  
K Co              Mattingly           James                    OK  
K Co              Mc Grory            William A                                           OK  
K Co              Morris              Gene W                                              na  
K Co              Otten               John                                                OK  
K Co              Palmer              Harold W                                            OK  
K Co              Patrick             Billy E.                                            OK  
K Co              Powell              James                                               OK  
K Co              Prather             Lee                                                 NA  
K Co              Privett             Donovan                                             OK  
K Co              Rahl                James                                               OK  
K Co              Reardon             Horace                                              OK  
K Co              Rentschler          George                                              NA  
K Co              Richard             Marland                   OK  
K Co              Rounds              Don                                                 OK  
K Co              Rudy                Edgar                     OK  
K Co              Sager               Leroy                                               OK  
K Co              Schnurr             Lorne                                               na  
K Co              Schrader            Warren K                                            OK  
K Co              Schultz             Donald A                                            OK  
K Co              Silcox              Lewis E                                             na  
K Co              Skinner             Albert D                                            OK  
K Co              Smith               Patrick E                                           OK  
K Co              Smith               Jack A                                              OK  
K Co              Snyder              Robert A                                            OK  
K Co              Stack               Robert                                              OK  
K Co              Sucharyk (Shary)    John                OK  
K Co              Swanson             Thomas  A                                           OK  
K Co              Trebian             Edwin D                                             OK  
K Co              Turner              Wilbur                                              OK  
K Co              Van Camp            Richard                                             OK  
K Co              Weddle              Ralph                                               NA  
K Co              Welch               Amba E                                              NA  
K Co              Wickham             Charles                                             na  
L Co              Alaniz              Carlos J                                            OK  
L Co              Baker               Albert L                                            OK  
L Co              Barnhart            John                                                OK  
L Co              Beaner              Roger                                               OK  
L Co              Benne               Harold                                              OK  
L Co              Bohannan            John                                                OK  
L Co              Brancaleone         Joseph                                              OK  
L Co              Brueggeman          George                                              OK  
L Co              Carlton             Ted                                                 OK  
L Co              Chapa               Baldemar A                                          OK  
L Co              Childs              Henry G                 OK  
L Co              Clement             Herbert A                                           na  
L Co              Dalton              Forrest H                                           OK  
L Co              DeLos Santos        Jesus                                               OK  
L Co              Diaz   Sr           Oscar T                                             OK  
L Co              Dibbell             James J                na  
L Co              Dickerson           Marvin                                              OK  
L Co              Durham              James E                       OK  
L Co              Dzuik               Anthanathious S                                     OK  
L Co              Ennis               Royce E                                             OK  
L Co              Eschenbaum          Lester                                              OK  
L Co              Estrada             Armando                                             na  
L Co              Evans               Bernard J                                           OK  
L Co              Farris              Bill                                                OK  
L Co              Fawcett             Robert                                              OK  
L Co              Fee                 Gene  H                                             OK  
L Co              Flores              Arturo Z                                            OK  
L Co              Flores              Espiridion                                          OK  
L Co              Forkner             Otis W                                              OK  
L Co              Fox                 Luther H                                            OK  
L Co              Furby               Arthur A                                            OK  
L Co              Garza               Donaciano                                           NA  
L Co              Gonzales            Raefel R                                            OK  
L Co              Gonzalez            Marcello                                            OK  
L Co              Grogan              Roger                                               OK  
L Co              Hamilton            William J                                           OK  
L Co              Harrell             Charles                                             NA  
L Co              Hinojosa            Alberto L                                           OK  
L Co              Houck               Harold G                                            OK  
L Co              Jasso               Ray                                                 OK  
L Co              Jenner              Raymond K                                           NA  
L Co              Jessip              Leo                                                 OK  
L Co              Johnson             Wilber                                              OK  
L Co              Joy                 Richard                                             OK  
L Co              Kammeyer            Glenn                                               OK  
L Co              Karst               Merlyn                                              OK  
L Co              Kibodeaux           John C                                              OK  
L Co              King                Sam                                                 OK  
L Co              Manriquez           David                                               OK  
L Co              Martinez            Guadalupe                                           OK  
L Co              McCrackin           Robert                                              OK  
L Co              Mendez              Abel R                                              na  
L Co              Moore               Jerry E                                             OK  
L Co              Newell              Loren G                                             OK  
L Co              Nickels Jr          Harry                                               OK  
L Co              Oblander            Durward                                             OK  
L Co              Pena                Abel N                                              OK  
L Co              Peres               Panciano                                            OK  
L Co              Peterka             Howard                                              OK  
L Co              Petersen            J. F.                                               OK  
L Co              Pettit              Lilbert L                                           OK  
L Co              Phillips            Donald D                                            OK  
L Co              Reid                John T                                              OK  
L Co              Rotter              John W                                              OK  
L Co              Saldana             Hormero A                                           na  
L Co              Sappington          John R                                              OK  
L Co              Schmidt             Milton                                              na  
L Co              Schwarz             Carroll                                             NA  
L Co              Scotton             Arthur                                              OK  
L Co              Sehn                Robert                                              OK  
L Co              Sieving             Vernon W                                            OK  
L Co              Stackhouse          Richard W                                           OK  
L Co              Struse              Jackie R                                            na  
L Co              Tompsett            Paul W                                              OK  
L Co              Tremont             Jack                                                na  
L Co              Trevino             Guillermo M                                         OK  
L Co              Turner              Donald                                              OK  
L Co              Ufen                Albert                                              NA  
L Co              Valadez             Oscar                                               OK  
L Co              Van Cleave          Robert                                              OK  
L Co              Villarreal          Arturo                                              OK  
L Co              Walker              Lloyd E          OK  
L Co              Willems             William                                             OK  
L Co              Wren                Lee                                                 OK  
L Co              Yanak               Joseph                                              OK  
L Co              Yeary Jr            C. M.                  OK  
M Co              Anderson            A W (Andy)                                          OK  
M Co              Andrews             Robert L                                            OK  
M Co              Bates               Robert                                              OK  
M Co              Bell                Leonard H                                           OK  
M Co              Clark               Albert                                              OK  
M Co              Coates              Dale R                                              OK  
M Co              Darrington          Owen A                                              OK  
M Co              Erickson            Jesse D                                             OK  
M Co              Ficarri             Ross                                                OK  
M Co              Geyer               Ched                                                OK  
M Co              Good                Lee                     OK  
M Co              Green               Robert                                              OK  
M Co              Hampson             Robert J                                            OK  
M Co              Henderson           Raymond E                OK  
M Co              Hortness            Stanley  C             OK  
M Co              Jermano             Frank                                               OK  
M Co              Johansen            Richard                                             OK  
M Co              Johnson             Waldo E                                             na  
M Co              Johnson             Wayne                                               OK  
M Co              Jones               Lloyd L            OK  
M Co              Jones               Evan J                                              NA  
M Co              Kastner             James                                               OK  
M Co              Keehn               Elmer                                               NA  
M Co              Kreamer             Grier E                                             OK  
M Co              Martin              John H                                              na  
M Co              Milan, Sr           Louis M                                             OK  
M Co              Miller              Harold C                                            OK  
M Co              Miller              Robert D                                            na  
M Co              Moeller             John                                                OK  
M Co              Monhaut             Richard                                             OK  
M Co              Nabicht             Carl J                                              OK  
M Co              Oines               Donald A                                            OK  
M Co              Olsen               Eugene H                                            OK  
M Co              Pelkowski           Leonard  R                                          OK  
M Co              Perry               Wayne                                               OK  
M Co              Piersall            Gene L                                              na  
M Co              Pittman             Wilbert                                             OK  
M Co              Ralston             Myron                                               OK  
M Co              Rosanske            Donald                                              na  
M Co              Roth                Robert J                                            OK  
M Co              Schulze             Clayton E                                           OK  
M Co              Sneve               Vance M                                             OK  
M Co              Steen               Rueben                                              OK  
M Co              Vojtek              Edward J                                            OK  
M Co              Wade                Olin  G                                             OK  
M Co              Whitehead           Lewis                                               OK  
M Co              Willey              Gerold                                              OK  
M Co              Wilson              Bobby L                                             OK  
M Co              Wilt                Donald L                                            OK  
M Co              Wood                Leland                 OK  
M Co              Wood                Arnold M                   OK  
M Co              Zobel               Victor E                                            OK  
Med Co            Allred              J. R.                                               OK  
Med Co            Anderson            Carle E                                             OK  
Med Co            Anderson            Eugene P                                            OK  
Med Co            Bainter             Norman W              OK  
Med Co            Balfour             William C                OK  
Med Co            Bambacigno          James                                               OK  
Med Co            Beeler              William (Bill) A                 OK  
Med Co            Beighley            Kenneth                                             OK  
Med Co            Bloedorn            Webster                                             OK  
Med Co            Borchard            Dale W                    OK  
Med Co            Brickner            Gerald                                              OK  
Med Co            Brownell            Clifton E             OK  
Med Co            Buck                Richard O                                           OK  
Med Co            Cahoy               Harold E                                            OK  
Med Co            Ciolino             Salvatore (Sam)               OK  
Med Co            Coleman             Buford                                              na  
Med Co            Crandell            Charles W                                           na  
Med Co            Danneffel  Jr       Lyman                                               OK  
Med Co            Davis               Donald R                                            OK  
Med Co            Demings             Paul R                                              na  
Med Co            Devitt              Laurence I                                          OK  
Med Co            Elchert             Robert E                                            OK  
Med Co            Elvig               Charles                                             OK  
Med Co            Esquivel            Frank                                               OK  
Med Co            Fink                Glenn                                               OK  
Med Co            Franke              Armand W                                            OK  
Med Co            Green               James                                               OK  
Med Co            Hannema             Philip (Phil) A                  OK  
Med Co            Hansen              Gaylord H                                           OK  
Med Co            Herman              Marvin                                              OK  
Med Co            Herrli              Kenneth R                                           OK  
Med Co            Hevelin             Russell E                                           OK  
Med Co            Hodge               John C                                              OK  
Med Co            Holt                Erwin H                                             na  
Med Co            Holten              Erwin H                                             OK  
Med Co            Holten              John M                                              OK  
Med Co            Hurd                Jim                                                 OK  
Med Co            Jablonski           Raymond A                                           OK  
Med Co            Jarboe              James A                                             OK  
Med Co            Johnson             Dr Carl J                                           OK  
Med Co            Justice             Delbert L                                           OK  
Med Co            Koen                Sammy C                                             OK  
Med Co            Lagatta             Tony                                                OK  
Med Co            Larsen M.D.         Harlan C                                            OK  
Med Co            Liggett             Wayne A                                             OK  
Med Co            Massie              Wayne K                                             OK  
Med Co            Mathis              Victor                                              OK  
Med Co            Morgan              Armon H                                             OK  
Med Co            Oliver              George J                                            OK  
Med Co            Payne               Jack E                                              OK  
Med Co            Robb                Walter D                                            OK  
Med Co            Sanders             Carl J                                              OK  
Med Co            Schoen              Ernest E                                            OK  
Med Co            Shaffer             Robert L                                            na  
Med Co            Shaw                Sheldon  W                                          na  
Med Co            Sipe                Donald                                              OK  
Med Co            Streacker           Paul L                                              OK  
Med Co            Stultz              Lewis E                                             OK  
Med Co            Swartsel            Richard D                                           OK  
Med Co            Thomas              Gene K                                              OK  
Med Co            Tocicki             Walter E                                            na  
Med Co            Topper              Calvin R              OK  
Med Co            Veurink             Gordon W                                            OK  
Med Co            West                Jesse W                                             OK  
Med Co            Yakligian           John K                                              OK  
Med Det 147th     Bontempo            Joseph                                              OK  
Med Det 147th     Bopp                Donald T                                            OK  
Med Det 147th     Dow                 Wallace M                                           OK  
Med Det 147th     Morgan              William F                                           OK  
Med Det 147th     Roberts             Murry E                                             OK  
Med Det 147th     Shrader             Richard A                                           OK  
Regt Hq           Ackerman            Lloyd M                                             OK  
Regt Hq           Anderson            Claude H                                            OK  
Regt Hq           Betts               Robert D                                            OK  
Regt Hq           Box                 Roy                                                 OK  
Regt Hq           Brown               John C                                              na  
Regt Hq           Carlisle            Herbert M                                           na  
Regt Hq           Celenza             Frank  A                                            OK  
Regt Hq           Clark               Charles  A                                          OK  
Regt Hq           Eichhorn            John  L                OK  
Regt Hq           Eschbach            Robert                                              na  
Regt Hq           Eve                 John M                                              OK  
Regt Hq           Fauss               Donald A                                            OK  
Regt Hq           Foley               John P                                              OK  
Regt Hq           Frakes              David                      OK  
Regt Hq           Gage                Dale J                    OK  
Regt Hq           Gallipo             Marian                                              OK  
Regt Hq           Goldade             Leo                                                 OK  
Regt Hq           Graveman            Donald                                              OK  
Regt Hq           Graves              Donald E                                            na  
Regt Hq           Grow                James                                               OK  
Regt Hq           Hein                Edgar W                                             OK  
Regt Hq           Hellhake            Richard C                                           OK  
Regt Hq           Hickerson           Clyde                                               OK  
Regt Hq           Hye                 William                                             OK  
Regt Hq           Hynek               Howard                                              OK  
Regt Hq           Jahde               Louis W              OK  
Regt Hq           Keim                Daniel J                                            OK  
Regt Hq           Kluge               William                                             OK  
Regt Hq           Lindeman            Leo L                                               na  
Regt Hq           List                Donavon               OK  
Regt Hq           Luken               Eugene G                                            OK  
Regt Hq           Machen              James                                               OK  
Regt Hq           Mahon               John W                                              OK  
Regt Hq           Majewski            Daniel S                                            OK  
Regt Hq           Malsom              Leo B                                               NA  
Regt Hq           Mielenz             Eugene R              OK  
Regt Hq           Miller              Eugene R          OK  
Regt Hq           Miller              Harry                                               OK  
Regt Hq           Moritz              Nathan                                              OK  
Regt Hq           Munka               Fred "Monk"                     OK  
Regt Hq           Offenberger         Lawrence                                            OK  
Regt Hq           Petrie              Ronald G                                            OK  
Regt Hq           Pugh                Max E                                               na  
Regt Hq           Ramey               Ross                                                OK  
Regt Hq           Sailor              Vernon R                                            OK  
Regt Hq           Sailor              Dale                                                na  
Regt Hq           Saltee              Lawrence                                            OK  
Regt Hq           Sandmeier           Otto H                                              OK  
Regt Hq           Sanford             L Ray                     OK  
Regt Hq           Schnabel            Ruben               OK  
Regt Hq           Schumacher          Bob                                                 OK  
Regt Hq           Smith Jr            William           OK  
Regt Hq           Southworth          George                       OK  
Regt Hq           Spiekhout           Donald                                              OK  
Regt Hq           Stanek              Frank H                                             OK  
Regt Hq           Terwilliger         Nahum                                               OK  
Regt Hq           Tippy               Robert H                                            OK  
Regt Hq           Todosciuk           Mike A                                              na  
Regt Hq           Torp                Guthrie             OK  
Regt Hq           Tyrrell             William C                                           OK  
Regt Hq           Walker              Claude L                                            na  
Regt Hq           Waterpool           Kent B                  OK  
Regt Hq           Webster             Raymond           OK  
Regt Hq           Weisbecker          Al                                                  OK  
Regt Hq           Weller              Douglas                                             OK  
Regt Hq           Zietlow Jr          George F                                            OK  
Regt Hqs          Houser              Dick                                                OK  
Regt Hqs          Schmitt             Eugene F                                            na  
Svc Btry          Albertson           Donald W            OK  
Svc Btry          Beck                Louis D                                             OK  
Svc Btry          Birosik             Albert P                                            na  
Svc Btry          Blossick            Raymond B                                           OK  
Svc Btry          Brainard            Harry G                                             na  
Svc Btry          Buettell            Robert                                              NA  
Svc Btry          Buttenob            Vern M                                              na  
Svc Btry          Conrad              Elmer R                                             na  
Svc Btry          Delaney             Robert J                                            OK  
Svc Btry          Ehst                Gerald D                                            OK  
Svc Btry          Genzlinger          A Duane          OK  
Svc Btry          Larson              George I                                            OK  
Svc Btry          Lauer               Donald J                                            OK  
Svc Btry          Leider              Charles                                             OK  
Svc Btry          Malwitz             Arlo A                 OK  
Svc Btry          Miller              Gerald H                                            OK  
Svc Btry          Miller              Marlo H                                             OK  
Svc Btry          Miller              Duane F               OK  
Svc Btry          Muffler             Eugene R                                            na  
Svc Btry          Neises              Basil W                                             OK  
Svc Btry          Olson               Robert C                                            OK  
Svc Btry          Potter              Newton                                              OK  
Svc Btry          Rauenhorst          Bob                                                 OK  
Svc Btry          Reisch              Amos                                                OK  
Svc Btry          Sabatka             Eugene P                                            OK  
Svc Btry          Sandene             Arthur R                                            OK  
Svc Btry          Schlim              Elton J                                             OK  
Svc Btry          Spader              Leo L                                               OK  
Svc Btry          Taylor              Kenneth M                                           OK  
Svc Btry          Thompson            Kenneth D                                           OK  
Svc Btry          Wolf                Ronald J                                            OK  
Svc Co            Aiello              Arthur R                                            OK  
Svc Co            Aman                Raymond E                                           OK  
Svc Co            Arndt               Junior R                                            OK  
Svc Co            Baltz               Frederic L                                          OK  
Svc Co            Bearderstadt        Warren K                                            OK  
Svc Co            Bednarcik           Paul                                                na  
Svc Co            Bergeson            Bertel                                              OK  
Svc Co            Berry               Don                                                 OK  
Svc Co            Bickel              William E                                           OK  
Svc Co            Bobbitt             Clyde                                               OK  
Svc Co            Bonaminio           Donato                                              OK  
Svc Co            Bosilovatz          Edward R                                            OK  
Svc Co            Brisson             James F                                             OK  
Svc Co            Brunson             James W                                             OK  
Svc Co            Burwell             Normann L                                           na  
Svc Co            Chapdelaine         Origene J                                           OK  
Svc Co            Christenson         Richard M                                           OK  
Svc Co            Clack               Thomas                                              OK  
Svc Co            Crose               Lloyd                                               NA  
Svc Co            Dempesmeier         Charles W                                           na  
Svc Co            DeVaughn            James                                               na  
Svc Co            Dewell              John P                                              NA  
Svc Co            Draper              H Norval                                            OK  
Svc Co            Draus               Raymond                                             OK  
Svc Co            Edgren              Howard              OK  
Svc Co            Enzinger            William L                                           OK  
Svc Co            Ferg                David E                                             OK  
Svc Co            Fillipelli          Ralph A                                             na  
Svc Co            Flanagan            Curtis G                                            OK  
Svc Co            Forrest             Robert                                              OK  
Svc Co            Galvin              Walter N                                            na  
Svc Co            Geyer               James H                                             OK  
Svc Co            Gomez               Steve                   OK  
Svc Co            Gould               Wayne R.                                            OK  
Svc Co            Gregoire            Darrell J                                           OK  
Svc Co            Groves              Harold                                              OK  
Svc Co            Gullufio            Frank M                                             na  
Svc Co            Guthrie             William D                                           OK  
Svc Co            Hageman             Robert                                              OK  
Svc Co            Heck                Melvin O                                            OK  
Svc Co            Heflin              Charles L                                           OK  
Svc Co            Heidlebaugh         Gene H             OK  
Svc Co            Helke               Clarence W                                          NA  
Svc Co            Hill                Wayne                                               OK  
Svc Co            Hinderberger        Martin M                                            OK  
Svc Co            Hogan               William I                                           OK  
Svc Co            Indermuehle         Richard              OK  
Svc Co            Jackson             Howard                                              OK  
Svc Co            Jernigan, Sr        Joe R                                               OK  
Svc Co            Junker              Calvin D                                            na  
Svc Co            Ketring             Lowell R                                            na  
Svc Co            Kirpatrick          Charles                                             OK  
Svc Co            Kjar                James A                  OK  
Svc Co            Kjer                Billy                                               OK  
Svc Co            Kronke              Hugo                                                OK  
Svc Co            Lindbloom           Richard                                             OK  
Svc Co            Main                David N                OK  
Svc Co            Malina              Stuart L                                            na  
Svc Co            Martin              Richard                                             NA  
Svc Co            McBride             Dale                                                OK  
Svc Co            McGuire             Harlan                                              OK  
Svc Co            Michalsky           Alfred                                              OK  
Svc Co            Millar              Robert T                                            OK  
Svc Co            Nelson              Arthur (Bud)                                        na  
Svc Co            O'Neal              Wilburn L                 OK  
Svc Co            Pepper              Raymond H                                           OK  
Svc Co            Perry               Lyle C                                              OK  
Svc Co            Pfotenhauer         Leon                                                OK  
Svc Co            Pike                Douglas E                                           OK  
Svc Co            Rajek               Harold J                                            na  
Svc Co            Ratliff             Willie                                              OK  
Svc Co            Reffsin             Bernard                                             OK  
Svc Co            Robinson            Will D                                              OK  
Svc Co            Roessler            David R                                             OK  
Svc co            Saffel              Thomas                                              OK  
Svc Co            Sarvis              Robert                                              OK  
Svc Co            Sasson              Maurice                                             OK  
Svc Co            Schiedel            Donald H                  OK  
Svc Co            Schmelzer           F.B. (Mike)                       OK  
Svc Co            Schmidt             Carrol W                                            OK  
Svc Co            Schwartz            Milton                                              OK  
Svc Co            Schweigert          Clifford                                            na  
Svc Co            Shea                Thomas J                                            OK  
Svc Co            Sheppard            Leonard                                             OK  
Svc Co            Stoeser             Bernard                                             OK  
Svc Co            Stumpf              Patrick H                                           OK  
Svc Co            Sutherland          Frank H                                             OK  
Svc Co            Thompson            Maynard G               OK  
Svc Co            Tubbs               Thomas M                                            na  
Svc Co            Van Houten          Arthur C                                            na  
Svc Co            Waters              Thomas E                 OK  
Svc Co            Werdal              Lowell               OK  
Svc Co            Werdal              Lowell                                              OK  
Svc Co            Whalen              Howard D                                            OK  
Svc Co            Woehl               Lawrence P                                          OK  
Svc Co            Wright              James J                                             OK  
Svc Co            Young               John R                                              OK  
Svc Co            Youngberg           Quinton                                             OK  
Svc Co            Youngberg           Eugene                                              OK  
Svc Co            Zerschling          Donald                                              OK  
Tank Co           Alvin               Gene R                                              OK  
Tank Co           Ammondson           Lester                                              OK  
Tank Co           Anderson            John M             OK  
Tank Co           Anthes              Alfred                                              OK  
Tank Co           Anton               Joseph A                                            OK  
Tank Co           Berger              Merle H                                             OK  
Tank Co           Berget              Rollin D                                            OK  
Tank Co           Bisgard             Bradford D                                          OK  
Tank Co           Bjerke              Laverne                                             OK  
Tank Co           Bohn                Galand           bgbohn1@gmail                      OK  
Tank Co           Brostad             David L                                             OK  
Tank Co           Buhler              William K                                           OK  
Tank Co           Carr                Paul R                                              OK  
Tank Co           Cornwell            Harvey R                                            OK  
Tank Co           Deaner              William J                                           OK  
Tank Co           Dedrickson          James                 OK  
Tank Co           Dine                William G                                           OK  
Tank Co           Drake               Burdette                                            OK  
Tank Co           Farsakian           John G                                              OK  
Tank Co           Gollnik             James                                               OK  
Tank Co           Green               Robert M                                            OK  
Tank Co           Hempel              Richard P                                           OK  
Tank Co           Hottman             Milbert                  OK  
Tank Co           Jorgenson           Robert                                              OK  
Tank Co           Kanago              Lee P                                               OK  
Tank Co           Kinsey              Ralph                                               OK  
Tank Co           Klein               Francis J                                           OK  
Tank Co           Kurtz               Dean                                                OK  
Tank Co           Lammers             Edward J                      OK  
Tank Co           Loterbauer          Raymond                                             OK  
Tank Co           Lunger              Robert F                                            OK  
Tank Co           Morningstar         Richard E                                           OK  
Tank Co           Naessig             Leonard F                                           OK  
Tank Co           Nelson              Landis E                                            OK  
Tank Co           Peterson            Richard                                             OK  
Tank Co           Pline               Erwin  E                                            OK  
Tank Co           Pope                George A                 OK  
Tank Co           Rabon               George               OK  
Tank Co           Reason              Charles H                                           na  
Tank Co           Reynolds            Roger                                               OK  
Tank Co           Ronk                Frank G                                             OK  
Tank Co           Schmidt Jr          Effner. E.                                          OK  
Tank Co           Schmitz             Harold N                                            OK  
Tank Co           Silverthorne        Ethan F                  OK  
Tank Co           Solsaa              Arland E                                            OK  
Tank Co           Trautner            Pirmin A                                            na  
Tank Co           Wein                James                                               OK  
Tank Co           Willie              Robert J                                            OK  
Unk               Best                Verl R                                              OK  
Unk               Monti               Vincent                                             OK  
Unk               Thorstad            Les                                                 OK