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Updated: 1/5/2015



Welcome to the 196th Regimental Combat Team Web site.  The 196th RCT was organized in South Dakota on Sep 22, 1946 and commanded by Col Kenneth R Scurr. It's first annual training was held at Cp Rapid, SD in 1948. In 1949 the unit went to Cp Ripley, MN for annual training. As the troops were coming home from annual training, at Cp McCoy, WI, in 1950, the news came of the Communist invasion of South Korea. The 196th RCT was inducted into Federal Service on September 1, 1950 and sent to Cp Carson, CO. There it was brought up to strength with over 4,795 reservists and conscripts. In July of the following year it moved to Ft Richardson, AK. All the troop were home by the time 24 months had passed from the date of induction. The SD National Guard was reorganized and the 196th RCT deactivated on September 14, 1956.


The purpose of this site is to give former members of the 196th RCT a place to obtain the history of the unit they served with during the Korean Conflict and a roster of former members we have been able to locate.  It also offers them the opportunity to join the 196th RCT Association.  As a member of the Association they will receive a quarterly magazine "The Foxhole" and learn of various activities of the Association.   


The histories that you find were taken from the 196th book published in 1951.  Some of the histories are brief and some are lengthy.  The most complete picture of what happened in South Dakota prior to activation and training at Camp Carson can be found in the history of the 147th FA Battalion.  


For more information on the Association go to196th Assoc.  If you have any comments or corrections please contact  mar@rushmore.com